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About us

Zhejiang Longchi Technology Co.,Ltd. is the collection of solar product development, production, Sales and construction services new energy enterprises. Company strict production management, product quality and stability, has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, the main products through the quality supervision report of the SGS,CE certification,ROHS report and obtain the relevant certificate.

The plant covers an area of 56667 square meters, construction area of 55935 square meters, with registered capital of RMB 20million.
The main products are solar PV modules, solar power generation system, 80% of the products are exported to Africa Europe, North America, Australia. the Middle East, Southeast Asia, praised by domestic and foreign customers, is truly“low carbon environmental protection energy saving green photoelectric products ". The company has many distributors both at home and abroad, won the majority of customer‘s recognition and praise. We are willing to serve first-class service with domestic and foreign new and old customers hand in hand to create “sunshine” life.  Read more

Global business

We provide good communication and product support services to customers from all over the world.


Our long-term cooperation with the world's leading logistics and express companies, can ensure that the goods delivered in the shortest time.


To provide a quick reliable, responsive and cost effective service, in order to meet the needs of our service users.

We help more than 3,000 global customers—more than 30% of the world's leading brands—place customers in their business centers and turn social data into smarter business decisions.


  • solar energy

    solar energy

    Solar energy is effulgent light-weight and warmth from the Sun that’s controlled employing a vary of ever-evolving technologies like star heating, photovoltaics, star thermal energy, star design, liquid salt power plants and artificial chemical ...   Read more


how long do solar panels last

25 years (or longer). this can be the business normal assurance from Tier one makers. In reality, star panels will last quite bit longer than that: the assurance usually guarantees panels can work on top of eightieth of their rated potency when twenty five years. A study by NREL shows that the bulk of panels still manu ... + Read more

How many solar panels do I need for my home?

Determining the scale of your solar power system starts with an easy question: what number star panels do I need? As the general public wish to supply enough energy to utterly eliminate their electricity bill, the primary step is determinative what size system can turn out enough power to fulfill your unit consumption ... + Read more

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Touted as a promising energy supply for many years, star panels crown rooftops and edge signs, and facilitate keep orbiter powered . however however do star panels work? Simply put, a solar array works by permitting photons, or particles of sunshine, to knock electrons free from atoms, generating a flow of electricity. ... + Read more