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1500W Car Power Inverter

Continuous Output Power:900W
12V DC to 220V AC/50HZ
Color box packing
Carton size:50*30*33cm


1.Placement Guideline
For optimun operation, the inverter should be placed on a flat surface as the floor or car under these confitions as follows:
Dry: no water or get wet in the rain
Cool: the temperature between 0t (32 DF) and 40 C (104 ‘F)
Ventilation: at lease 2 inches (5cm) clearance above and on all sides If the inverter for proper cooling.
2. Usage of the Inverter
a. turn the mverter switch to(OFF) position, and then plug the inverter DC Plug into the car cigarette lighter socket,make sure of they are firmly linked.
b. make sure the electrical power of the Equipments you use is under the electrical power of the inverter. Plug the AC product you wish to operate into the AC 220V outler of the inverter and switch it on.
c. Switch the inverter on,the green light indicates that it is working normally.
d. The red FAULT light indicates inverter shut down caused by low or hight voltage.overload or excessive temperature.
e.ln many cases,for the limited voltage from the car cigarette lighter,it may shutdown automatically and the Fault Red light will belighted.
3. Warning and Caution
a. The powet or voltage” rating of AC products is the average power they use.TVs,.monitors. electric motors,and other equipments are firstly switch on.They consum more power than their power rating,having high”surge” requirement on starting up.Although inverter can supply momently surgte power as high as 40% more(for example, 80w inverter can supply 120w for the products you use). But. the surge power of the equipments you use may be excess of the power supplied by the inverter.caustng os erload shutdown.Spccially happen when invcrter supply power to sccral products at the same t.ime.Then you should switcb off the electrical products.switch on the thvencr.lastly switch on one by one, the products that has the peak poer
b. As the battery charge is using up,the inverter sences DC input voltage has dropped to IO.4-llV an audio warning will appear. Then the computer or other sensitive electrical appliances should be shut down.if you ignore the sound.and the voltage drops to 9.7-l0.3V,the invertcr will automatic turn-off to avoid battery discharge excessively. Poscr Protection make it shut down, the red indicator light is turned on.
c. Start the vehicle early for battery charging. to prevent its capacity drppmg. to prevemt the impact on vehicle starting and the battary life.
d. Although there isover-vohage protection function of inverter .it may be damaged by excessive voltage.
e. After continuous use, the shell surface temperature will rise to 60 ‘C, pay attention to keep ventilation,objects that is susceptible to heat should be kept away from it.
4. Frequently Asked Questions and solutions
questions with solution):do not work, switches light does not shine
The reasons and the proposed solution
(1)Bad battery: check battery, according to the specific circumstances of the replaccment
(2 )Anti-contact of the outlet: check battery connections. convertcm may be darnaged.or sent
to replace the convener warranE3
(3 )Unttghten junction to the DC input: check wiring cables and links, tightened the terminal
questionst with solution): electrical equipment does not work, the red indicator light converter
The reasons and the proposed solution
(1) AC product power consumption is higher than rated. Solution: Try to use power converters that is less than the nominal electrical power
(2)Electrical power converter is Less than nominal power or peak power is too high,will cause overload shutdown.. Solution:try to use the same surge power as the inverter.
(3) The battery is use up( with the inerter warning) Solution: Recharging or replacement of it.
(4) High temperature caused by poor ventilation make inverter shutdown Solution:cool it for
15 minutes and remove the items around the fan and the inverter. Put the invertcr in a cool place
as required. Restart it.
(5)lnput voltage is too high . Solution: check the status of charging system, battery output voltage I 2V
problem with solution :the converter output voltage detected is too low
The reasons and the proposed solution
(I) General measurement of the voltage meter gives small measurement range. Solution:
to get the output square-wave converter applications. use the “True RMS mukimeter”in order to obtain aCcurate data
prohlem with solution): the warning of the inverter
The reasons and the proposed solution
(1 )Low-voltage or rn er-temperature protection.
Solution: Use the more coarse wire or cable to recharge the battery or reduce the length of the cable. And use the inverter under cool condition or improve the ventilation around the mverler.to make the invcrter work normally.
problems with solution): converter only can drive low—power ACproduct
The reasons and the propposed solution
the voltage attenuation by a short length of wire,solution”thc use of bold wire
problems(with solution): battery u.sage time Is too short The reacons and the proposed solution
liwcricr rated load greater than the use of large-capacity benery Solution: Bad battery
replacement the damaged battery
The battery is not recharged to be full Solutlon:replaccmenet of better smart charger
a.do not insert any foreign objects mto the invcrter of vent opening
b.do not commect the inverter to power utility AC_distribution wiring.
c.small battery operate products such as the rechargeable shahers.and night lights wr not allowed to be plugged into the inverler to recharge.
d.kecp the inverter away from the children.
5 Spectifications:
Output voLtage: 100V-120V/220V-240V Frequency:50 60±2HZ waveform:Modified sine wave
Input Voltage: 10-1 5V122V-25V
Built-in fuse: 10A/20A/30A:3 5A 40A
Undervoltage alarm:10.4-11.0V
Off low pressure9.7-10.3V
Shutdown over-voltage:14.5-15.5V
No-load consumption: 12V input
No-load current: <0.3A/0.6A
The greatest effect: >90%
Continuous output power.SOW/lOOWf I 50W 1 60W’200W/300W500W 600W.’500W. I (XX)W 1200W/I 500W: 1600W 1800W
30 minutes of continuous power: I 60w/200W1300W/320W400W.600W/1000W/ 1200W’ I 600W2000W’2400 W.3000W 3200W’3600W
Volume(lcngth width height):130*95*55/170*95*55/19595*55/320* 155*55/350*1 5O*50*55/92*63*38
Weight:t06 gramns464 grams/599 grams/1650 grams/1750 grams/3510 grams