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6000W Frequency Power Inverter

Continuous Output Power:6000W
12V DC to 220V AC/50HZ


Pure sine wave inverter(power frequency) produced by our company, DC power from battery can be convert into the rated voltage
of the sine wave AC power, For load use, the device looks generous, intuitive LCD instructions, easy to operate. With AC automatic
output stability, over-voltage, over-load, over-heating protection. (Input and Output specifications, please refer to labels on inverter
2》》Design Characteristic
1、Pure sine wave output:Compared with the square wave and the modified sine wave, it has a stronger load effect and load
2、High stability:As the product has over-voltage, under-voltage, over-load, over-heating protection, thus ensuring the
stability of the system.
3、LCD display:LCD display battery voltage, output voltage and inverter case temperature。
4、It can be changing-over with the electric supply.
3》》 Function instruction
1、Inverter output function:After opening the switch of front side,the inverter convert the battery DC power into pure sine
wave AC output, then AC output from the back side of inverter.
2、Over-voltage protection:When the battery voltage is higher than the over-voltage point, the device will automatically cut
off the inverter output, while the buzzer alarm. When the voltage drops to rise to the over-voltage recovery point, the inverter back to
3、Under-voltage protection:When the battery voltage is lower than the undervoltage point, in order to avoid over-discharge
and damage the battery, the device will automatically cut off the inverter output, while the beep alarm. When the voltage is long to the
power recovery point, the inverter back to work.
4、Over-load protection function:If the AC output power exceeds the inverter rated power, the device will automatically cut
off the inverter output. Please turn off the switch of the front side. If you want to starting again, you must check and confirm the load
power which you are using, it is within the range of inverter power or not. and then open the switch.
5、Over-heat protection function:If the temperature higher from inverter case, the inverter will automatically cut off the
inverter output. When the temperature returned to normal, the inverter back to work.
1、Regularly check the work conditions of the entire system:
⑴The battery connected correctly and firmly or not.
⑵Whether according to the the manual operation to operate.
2、The AC output is strictly prohibited connections in any way with the electric supply, If use, please arrangement of wire by
3、The main reason of inverter at failure is that battery connection in virtual connection and damage. Battery virtual connection
in the charging process will lead to battery voltage is very unstable, so that the inverter work in disorder, easy to come into under-
voltage and over-voltage protection, and easy to damage the inverter. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly check the battery
voltage, connection, and timely clean the positive and negative pole stains on the rust.
4、To ensure the safety and normal use, the load should be gradually increased, and with the total power charge with the
machine shall not exceed the rated power.
5 5 、Do not reverse the battery
6、The machine should be placed in the indoor which people can’t easy to access and well-ventilated place, the machine should
not be covered by other items, should not be near the explosive flammable.
5》》Use of the environment
1、Should be used in dry, clean and ventilated environment。
2、Avoid direct sunlight, exposure, rain, humidity, acid mist environment.
3、Avoid environment which in soil dust and dirt.
4、Placement should be more than 0.5M distance with the battery.
5、It is strictly forbidden to use in the environment of flammable and explosive gas, guard against flame and spark.
6、Environment temperature -20 ℃ to 50 ℃.
7、Air relative humidity can not more than 85% (25 ℃ ± 5 ℃).