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inverter battery

Auto Batteries
Batteries used for cars, buses and trucks are Auto Batteries. These batteries are designed and build to supply a really great deal of current for a really short period of your time to start out the vehicle’s engine. Once the engine is running, the alternator within the vehicle takes care of all of the facility needs of the vehicle and also quickly charges the battery back to its full potential.
Inverter batteries
Inverter batteries are designed to supply alittle amount of current consistently for extended durations of your time.
All the backup power solutions, Inverters and UPS function by converting the DC current into AC current as all of our electric appliances run on AC power. UPS and Inverter batteries also are referred to as deep Cycle batteries as they discharged over a way longer time as compared to Auto batteries.
The design of those batteries is different.
The automotive batteries contains sizable amount of thin plates. This provides an outsized area of plates to react with the electrolyte to supply higher amount of current quickly.
The Inverter Batteries contains lower number of plates which are much thinner as compared to auto batteries. The electrolyte volume of the inverter batteries is more in order that the reaction takes longer to supply current. This makes Inverter Batteries to supply a uniform amount of current for extended periods.

Types of Inverter Battery
Battery may be a main a part of an inverter. The performance and lifetime of an inverter depends on its battery.
There are several classifications of inverter batteries. They are
1.Lead Acid Batteries
2.Maintenance Free batteries
3.Tubular Batteries
Lead Acid Batteries: Lead acid batteries are the foremost common inverter batteries. These are rechargeable in nature and produce great deal of current. they’re light in weight and most economical. they typically last for 3–4 years. But they require regular maintenance. The electrolyte level check and topping up has got to be done regularly. They also release harmful gases during charging and discharging. So, they need to be installed at a well-ventilated place in home.
Maintenance Free Batteries: Maintenance free batteries are the sealed lead acid batteries that don’t require electrolyte level check and topping up. they’re safer compared to normal lead acid batteries. But they’re costly compared to normal lead acid batteries and have a shorter life.
Tubular Batteries:Tubular batteries are the foremost popular and efficient inverter batteries. they need a posh design, great efficiency, longer operational life time and low maintenance. due to these advantages they’re costly.