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outback inverters

The OutBack standard system design permits your system to grow in conjunction with your power desires up to thirty six,000 watts on the FXR inverters and up to eighty,000 watts with the rad Inverters . Power hungry appliances like laundry machines, air-con and power tools are simply started by our inverter’s substantial surge power capability. once not getting used, the electrical converter enters an influence save mode, that consumes as very little as three watts, saving your battery power for after you want it the foremost.

NEW Outback VFXR and FXR Hybrid electrical converter

Note: If you’re commutation Associate in Nursing FX electrical converter in an existing multi inverter system you need to use the previous FX models. The VFXR and FXR models are only for use in new systems.

The OutBack FXR series inverters are a additional advanced version of the venerable FX series. These new inverters are an honest alternative for off-grid or, with the twenty four VDC and forty eight VDC inverters, is utilized in a grid-tied system. they need enlarged voltage ranges to be used with advanced-technology batteries, and have the advanced OutBack options together with Grid Zero and Offset modes.

The ventilated OutBack VFXR inverters provide additional power in high ambient-temperature applications, and additional output for generator-powered battery charging. The sealed, outwardly fan-cooled FXR is meant to be utilized in coastal or dirty environments.

Each electrical converter/charger may be a multi-mode power conversion unit that has Associate in Nursing inverter, device, Associate in Nursingd an AC transfer switch. Up to 10 inverters is stacked in parallel (120 VAC), up to eight inverters is stacked during a series configuration (120/240 VAC), and up to 9 inverters is stacked for threephase (120Y208 VAC) configurations. The fifty cycle export inverters is stacked up to 10 in parallel (230 VAC), and up to 9 inverters during a three-phase configuration (230Y400 VAC). once stacking, all of the inverters should be an equivalent model. The X-240 and similar transformers aren’t used with the FXR inverters. because of the side management options, FXR series inverters ought to be deployed with the MATE3 controller (or AXS Port) and therefore the Hub10.3; older models might not perform properly. These inverters, with the MATE3 or AXS port, are compatible with OutBack OpticsRE.

VFXR inverters have a programmable, auxiliary relay output association (AUX) that gives twelve VDC output to run cooling or ventilation fans or to control Associate in Nursing external relay for alternative functions, like remote generator beginning (two-wire). Sealed FXR inverters use this relay to power the external cooling fan, therefore it’s not offered for alternative uses.

The internal transfer switch is rated for sixty A. once Associate in Nursing external supply of AC power (either a generator or the utility grid) is detected at the “AC in” terminal on the electrical converter, the switch operates to transfer the hundreds to the external power supply, so activates the device to recharge the battery bank looking on what mode is programmed. Use the FlexWare 250, 500, or one thousand parts with these inverters or discuss with the pre-wired FLEXpower systems that includes FXR series inverters. Dimensions: sixteen.25″L x eight.25″W x eleven.5″H. Listed to UL 1741 (2nd edition) and CSA twenty two.2 by ETL for the U.S.A. and Canada and lined by a five-year assurance.

The new FXR options and technologies on the acclaimed FX platform include:

Both off-grid and grid-tied practicality in one unit
Seven programmable modes, together with GridZero and Support Mode and intrinsic networked communications
Advanced Battery Charging (ABC) with enlarged charging voltages and time parameters, facultative system designers to accommodate the particular charging profiles and algorithms of latest and rising energy storage technologies together with metallic element particle, binary compound particle and Flow chemistry batteries
Easy system upgradability within the field
Available in sealed or ventilated units with NEMA kind one formed atomic number 13 chassis designed to control within the harshest environmental conditions like high temperatures, humidness or corrosive salt air, the FXRs continue in OutBack’s tradition of absolute reliableness in mission important installations regardless of however harsh or difficult the conditions.

Features & Attributes

Single-phase 120V, sinewave output in 12V, 24V, or 48V versions
Programmable for seven totally different modes with generator assist
Modular, stackable style for up to 9 inverters in three-phase and ten Inverters in grid-tied
Up to ninety three operational potency
Field upgradable package
Standard 5-Year assurance with facultative 10-year

Outback rad Grid Hybrid Inverters.

OutBack rad electrical converters work equally well as a grid-tie or off-grid inverter. There are 2 separate AC inputs, one for the bi-directional grid association and one for a backup generator. there’s a intrinsic fifty A transfer switch at 120/240 holiday. The output is 120/240 holiday split innovate every unit for straightforward fastening to United States of America normal wiring and grid connections. The rad options four kilowatt (GS4048A) or eight kW (GS8048A) of continuous output power and might support massive dynamic load variations and surge masses, creating it similar temperament for difficult industrial applications still as residential use. With 2 power stages (one on the GS4048A), it’s able to give high potency and redundancy for important applications, and therefore the standard style is field serviceable. The rad is parallel stacked with up to 10 inverters for eighty kilowatt total output. The rad additionally has auxiliary controls that embrace a contact closure, a twelve VDC sign, and terminals for a distant on/off switch still as a remote temperature sensing element (RTS) for the battery bank. every GS8048A electrical converter needs twin 2/0 AWG battery cables (two positive and 2 negative) for association to the battery bank. In totally off-grid applications, the minimum suggested battery size is one hundred seventy five Ah for the GS4048A and 350 Ah for the GS8048A for every electrical converter put in during a power grid (See Batteries Section).

The GS4048A and GS8048A inverters are created to figure in off-grid, grid-tied, or grid-supported systems victimization OutBack’s “GridZero” mode, optimizing star production wherever web metering isn’t offered. The “A” inverters even have Associate in Nursing adjustable input-voltage vary in order that they is created to figure with most lithium-ion, binary compound sodium-ion and alternative advanced battery technologies.