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Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Longchi Technology is one of the leading China pure sine wave inverter manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to buy our discount and cheap pure sine wave inverter or wholesale low pricepure sine wave inverter made in China from our factory.

Advantages of Pure undulation inverters over changed sine wave inverters:
a) Output voltage wave kind is pure undulation with terribly low harmonic distortion and clean power like utility-supplied electricity.
b) Inductive hundreds like microwaves and motors run quicker, quieter and cooler.
c) Reduces perceptible and electrical noise in fans, fluorescent lights, audio amplifiers, TV, Game consoles, Fax, and respondent machines.
d) Prevents crashes in computers, weird print out, and glitches and noise in monitors.
e) dependably powers the subsequent devices that may commonly not work with changed undulation


Laser printers, photocopiers, magneto-optical exhausting drives
Certain portable computer computers (you ought to talk to your manufacturer)
Some fluorescent lights with electronic ballasts
Power tools using "solid state" power or variable speed management
Some battery chargers for conductor tools
Some new furnaces and pellet stoves with microchip management
Digital clocks with radios
Sewing machines with speed/microprocessor management
X-10 home automation system
Medical instrumentality like atomic number 8 concentrators
We carry a full line of Pure undulation and changed undulation Power Inverters here at DonRowe.com. changed undulation works well for many uses, and is that the commonest kind of electrical converter on the market, also because the most economical. Pure undulation inverters (also known as True trigonometric function Wave) are additional fitted to sensitive electrical or electronic things like portable computer computers, stereos, optical maser printers, sure specialised applications like medical instrumentality, a pellet stove with an inside pc, digital clocks, bread manufacturers with multi-stage timers, and variable speed or reversible tools (see " Appliance Cautions" below). If you want to use those things with associate electrical converter, then opt for a Pure undulation electrical converter. If you always need to run lights, TV, microwave oven, tools, etc, a changed undulation electrical converter is okay for your desires.
We often are asked if computers can work with changed undulation. It's been our expertise that the majority (with the exception of some laptops) can work (though some monitors will have interference like lines or a hum). However, if you've got any doubt regarding any appliance, tool or device, significantly portable computer computers and medical instrumentality like atomic number 8 concentrators, we have a tendency to advocate that you just talk to its manufacturer to make certain it's compatible with a changed undulation electrical converter. If it's not, opt for one in every of our Pure trigonometric function Inverters instead.
The distinction between them is that the Pure undulation electrical converter produces a far better and cleaner current. they're conjointly significantly dearer. you may notice it sensible to induce alittle Pure undulation electrical converter for any "special need" you will have, and conjointly a bigger changed undulation electrical converter for the remainder of your applications.
How do I attach the Inverter? What size cable ought to i exploit, and is it included?
Many little inverters (450 watts and under) include a pocket lighter adapter, and will be blocked into your vehicle's lighter socket (although you'll not be ready to draw quite one hundred fifty to two hundred watts from the pocket lighter socket). the little units conjointly include cables which will be clamped on to electric battery. If you wish associate electrical converter that may plug into your pocket lighter, you want to opt for one that's 450 watts or less.
Larger inverters (500 watts and over) should be hard-wired on to electric battery. The cable size depends on the space between battery and electrical converter, and can be laid out in the Owner's Manual.
When connecting the electrical converter to the battery invariably use associate overcurrent protection device, like a fuse logic gate breaker, and use the thickest wire obtainable, within the shortest length sensible.
What will an influence electrical converter do, and what am i able to use one for?
A power electrical converter changes DC power from electric battery into typical AC power that you just will use to work every kind of devices ... electrical lights, room appliances, microwaves, power tools, TVs, radios, computers, to call simply some. you simply connect the electrical converter to electric battery, and plug your AC devices into the electrical converter ... and you've got transportable power ... whenever and where you would like it.
The electrical converter attracts its power from a twelve potential unit battery (preferably deep-cycle), or many batteries wired in parallel. The battery can have to be recharged because the power is drawn out of it by the electrical converter. The battery are often recharged by running the car motor, or a gas generator, star panels, or wind. otherwise you will use electric battery charger blocked into an AC outlet to recharge the battery.
What size electrical converter ought to I buy?
We carry many various sizes, and several other brands of power inverters. See our Inverters Page for specifications on every of our models.
Short Answer: the dimensions you decide on depends on the watts (or amps) of what you wish to run (find the ability consumption by concerning the specification plate on the appliance or tool). we have a tendency to advocate you get a bigger model than you're thinking that you'll would like (at least tenth to twenty quite your largest load).
Example: you wish to power a pc with a 17" monitor, some lights, and a radio.
Computer: three hundred Watts
2 - sixty Watt lights: a hundred and twenty Watts
Radio: ten Watts
Total Needed: 430 Watts
For this application, you'd minimally would like a five hundred W electrical converter, and will provide some thought to a bigger one, as there'll doubtless be a time after you want you'd bought a much bigger model ... during this example, you may decide you'd wish to run an addict whereas you reason, or let the children watch TV.
Longer Answer: confirm Continuous Load and beginning (Peak) Load: you would like to see what quantity power your tool or appliance (or combination of them that you just would use at the identical time) needs to begin up (starting load), and conjointly the continuing running needs (continuous load).
What is meant by the terms "continuous-2000 watts" and "peak surge-4000 watts" is that some appliances or tools, like ones with a motor, need associate initial surge of power to begin up ("starting load" or "peak load"). Once started, the tool or appliance needs less power to still operate ("continuous load")
Helpful formulas:
To Convert AMPS to WATTS:
Multiply: AMPS X a hundred and twenty (AC voltage) = WATTS
This formula yields an in depth approximation of the continual load of the appliance
To Calculate approximate Startup Load:
Multiply: WATTS X two = beginning Load
This formula yields an in depth approximation of the beginning load of the appliance, although some might need a good larger beginning load. NOTE: Induction motors like air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers and pumps might have a embark surge of three to seven times the continual rating.
Most often the beginning up load of the appliance or tool determines whether or not associate electrical converter has the potential to power it.
For example, you've got a deep freezer with endless load of four amps, and a embark load of twelve amps:
4 amps x a hundred and twenty volts = four80 watts continuous
12 amps x twelve0 volts = 1440 watts beginning load
You would would like associate electrical converter with peak-surge rating larger than 1440 watts.
FORMULA to convert AC Watts to DC Amps:
AC Watts divided by twelve x one.1 = DC Amps
(this is that the size vehicle generator you'd have to sustain with a selected load; for instance, to stay up with endless draw of a thousand watts, you'd would like a ninety one amp alternator)
Click for a Chart of calculable Watts employed by Common Appliances and Tools
2000 watt pure sine wave inverter
2000 Watt continuous power
4000 Watt surge
12 potential unit DC input
Pure wave
20 amp GFCI Outlet
USB Outlet a pair of.1A
Efficiency: ninetieth
Short circuit protection
On/off switch
Dual cooling fans thermally controlled
Instruction manual
ETL listed to UL 458 standards and CSA twenty two.2 No 107.1
2 year school support
2 Year pledge components and Labor replacement
Continuous output power: 2000 Watts
Surge power capability (peak power): 4000 Watts
dc input / in operation voltage: nine.5-16 Volts
AC amps: sixteen.6
Output voltage: a hundred and twenty Volts ac
Output wave form: pure wave
Output frequency: sixty cycles/second
Battery low voltage alarm: nine.8 +/- 0.5 Volts
Battery low voltage shutdown: nine.5 v +/- 0.5 Volts
Full load efficiency: ninetieth
No load minimum in operation temperature: thirty two degrees physicist
Full load most in operation temperature: 104 degrees physicist (automatic shutdown)
GFCI Resetable twenty amp AC Outlet
High input voltage shutdown: 16V
Low input voltage shutdown: nine.5V +/- 0.5V
Product size (L x W x H): 18” x nine.5” x 3.88”
Weight: 11.8 lbs unit boxed thirteen lbs


What is the pure sine wave inverter


Popular speak is to direct current(DC)(e.g.battery,storage battery)converted into alternating current(AC)(usaually 220V50HZ.sine wave or square wave).can also be interpreted as the low voltage
(12V or 24V,48V)DC converted into electronic equipment 220V alternating current (AC).
Pure sine wave inverter
Pure sine wave power inverter is good for the home appliance especially the inductive load, such as
2000W and 3000W pure sine wave inverter can use for freezer, refrigerator, cooker etc. Full power of the inverter will be definately match your requirement. At the same time, good protection function will take care of all the appliance.we are produce the best pure sine wave inverter from 600w-3000w.
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