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Solar Lighting System

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Solar lighting system is powered by solar energy using solar cells that convert solar energy(sunlight)directly to electricity,The electricity is stored in batteries and used for the purpose of lighting whenever required.

outdoor solar lighting system


This lovely out of doors star lighting system from longchi enables you to handily illumine your construction, yard, or tent whereas habitation within the wild. The kit comes with a high-quality cell together with 2 junction rectifier light-weight bulbs. every light-weight bulb is turned on and off on an individual basis due to their manual switch. each lights is simply connected to the solar array by means that of the enclosed USB cable. this enables you to position your light-weight bulbs within the shadow or perhaps underneath a roof whereas your cell is found in direct daylight. As a result, you ne'er must worry regarding running out of juice to illumine your yard, porch, or tent once more. irrespective of wherever you're, with this out of doors star lighting system at your side, you’ll perpetually be ready to illumine your surroundings.
Our out of doors star lighting system options one 1W junction rectifier bulb and one 2W LED bulb that produces a bright illumine to two hundred lumens. The high-end cell solely takes four to six hours to completely charge the huge 5000mAh battery of this lighting system. On a full charge, you’ll be treated to over enough juice to urge you thru the longest of nights. It comes with Associate in Nursing junction rectifier battery power indicator that permits you to simply check on the standing of your lights. due to this, you’ll ne'er run out of power unexpectedly once more. With its straightforward to use plug and play style, our out of doors star lighting system is merely put in and utilized by anybody out there.
The out of doors star lighting system from longchi actually may be a multifunctional convenience which will be employed in any outdoor situation. illumine your yard for an outside party, browse a book on the construction or illuminate your surroundings whereas habitation or fishing within the wild. due to its sturdy semiconductor body and waterproof style, our out of doors star lighting system is used irrespective of wherever you’re at. With this convenient convenience at your aspect, you’ll ne'er be unnoticed within the dark once more.
This out of doors star lighting system is dropped at you by SUAOKI, your on-line provider of reasonable high-quality out of doors gear and automotive gadgets. More Power, Less Footprint!


Off-grid solar lighting system


Off-grid solar lighting system used for Non-electricity rural areas, as an emergency lighting system in houses and commercial establishments.
Off grid alternative energy systems are referred to as standalone alternative energy Systems; these systems are entirely freelance of any electrical utility grid.
Mostly its usage is predicated on rural areas wherever grid electricity isn't offered or different reason would be the high worth of electricity. In such areas, it's best to supply your own energy via putting in a alternative energy system.
Off Grid alternative energy Systems are wont to collect and store solar energy to be utilized by house appliances. These systems sometimes generate from one hundred Watts (very tiny systems) to five kilowatts (larger systems, multi-family homes).
Off grid alternative energy systems, or in different words off grid star kits, don't seem to be connected to utility company. they can not take or feed power back to the grid. They keep the energy made by the scheme into the battery bank. The system includes of star electrical phenomenon panels that are connected to the electrical converter. A electrical phenomenon panel generates energy by its system, which might be utilized in offer of electrical use to any appliance that are connected to the battery storage.
System options
Available in numerous sizes from 500W to 20kW
Inverter & charge controller all-in-one
Integrated energy management system & a spread of labor mode
Frequency isolation electrical device style, safe, quiet and stable
110V/230V nonmandatory, 50Hz/60Hz reconciling
With electricity or Diesel generator by-pass
VRLA-GEL battery, long deep cycle life
External batteries, versatile configuration
Easy installation, convenient operation
Fast and correct delivery, don't wait once more
Free pre-sales technical support, together with customization
One-stop after-sales service for the entire star kit


indoor solar lighting system


longchi offers an outsized choice of indoor lighting systems. we provide 3 completely different base systems, and plenty of differing types and styles of lights to be used with the system. good for off-grid homes, cabins, or different buildings. nice for those that wish to travel "green" or need associate environmentally friendly resolution to indoor lighting. they're conjointly a back-up supply of lighting in power-outages or emergencies. we've got many indoor lamps and fixtures to decide on from. All of which may merely connect with one in every of the 3 indoor lighting systems that we provide.


how to set up solar lighting system


This instructable can show you everything you would like to place along a fairly smart sized electrical solar battery system. stuff you can need:
Solar panels
Charge controller
Battery charger
2 AWG cable
At least one twelve V marine deep cycle battery
Mechanical lugs
1 power electrical converter
1 tote or alternative instrumentation
1 charger
Cable cutters
Red electrical tape
Crescent Wrench
Gather provides and lets start.
Step 1: getting ready the Batteries.
The first issue you wish to try to to is charge your batteries with a charger. this can insure they're charged to capability and prepared to travel at founded. I purchased my batteries new and were solely at concerning sixtieth.
While the batteries are charging, you'll founded the star panels and find them wired up and prepared to travel.
Step 2: Place Batteries in instrumentation.
Once the batteries are totally charged, place them within the instrumentation and. ensure all the positive (+) terminals are on one aspect and negative (-) on the opposite. Once in situ, live from terminal to terminal to create the jumpers.
Step 3: making the Jumpers.
Next, we would like to attach the batteries in parallel. To do this, create some jumpers out of two AWG cable.
Note: ensure to size your jumpers for your system. If you wish to use a bigger electrical converter you may must use larger cable. 1200 Watts/12 Volts = a hundred Amps. counting on wherever you look, a pair of AWG cable is sweet for around a hundred Amps. If you wish to run say, a 2400 watt electrical converter, you ought to use a pair of cables per jumper.
Measure between terminals and cut cable to length. Then add the mechanical lugs. Since the battery terminals were a touch larger than the holes within the lugs I bought I trained them intent on work.
Step 4: getting ready the Lid
Now, add some holes within the lid to run the wires for the charge controller and therefore the electrical converter. I needed the charge controller outside thus it had been visible. you may even as simply place it within the instrumentation for a a lot of hid look.
Step 5: Connecting the Charge Controller and electrical converter to the Batteries.
Next we tend to connect the charge controller and therefore the electrical converter to the batteries. you may wish to create positive the electrical converter is turned off and therefore the charge controller isn't connected to the star panels nevertheless.
Step 6: Final founded and check.
It ought to all be wired along. All that's left is to attach the charge controller to the star panels and switch the electrical converter on and check to work out that it works.
Step 7: Some Final Thoughts.
I originally created this founded as a duplicate power supply for once the facility went out. But, i feel i'll use it a lot of usually than that. I don't suppose the star panels are powerful enough to charge the batteries once depleting them on a daily basis. i'll use it for some days and update however well the system charges with constant use.
I originally tested out one battery and was able to run a lamp and my laptop computer for concerning five hours before I finally shut it off. the great issue concerning this electrical converter is it'll shut off mechanically if the voltage drops too low to stop depleting the batteries. I'm pretty assured that with the 3 batteries i'll be able to power larger things for associate extended amount of your time.



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