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Pure Sine Wave Inverter 3000W with Charger

Pure Sine Wave Inverter:3000w
Battery Charger:20A
Product Size:570*190*105mm


The Pure sine wave inverter produced by our company can invert the DC power of the battery into the sine wave AC of the rated voltage output for the user to use. The appearance of the device is generous, the liquid crystal indication is intuitive and the operation is convenient. With AC automatic output, over voltage, overload, overheating and other protection functions.


Two design features
1. Pure sine wave output: It has stronger load effect and load capacity than square wave and correction wave.
2, high stability: Because the product has overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, overheat protection, thus ensuring the stability of the system.
3, liquid crystal display: LCD display battery voltage, output voltage and chassis temperature.
4, can switch to the mains Three function introduction
1. Inverter output function: After opening the switch of the front panel, the inverter converts the DC power of the battery into pure sine wave AC power, which is output by the AC output port of the rear panel.
2. Overvoltage protection function: When the battery voltage is greater than the overvoltage point, the device will automatically cut off the inverter output, and the buzzer will give an alarm. When the voltage drops to the overvoltage recovery point, the inverter resumes operation.
3. Undervoltage protection function: When the battery voltage is lower than the undervoltage point, in order to avoid over-discharge and damage the battery, the device will automatically cut off the inverter output, and the buzzer will give an alarm. When the voltage is long to the recovery point of the undervoltage, the inverter resumes operation.
4. Overload protection function: If the AC output power exceeds the rated power, the device will automatically cut off the inverter output. At this point, the switch on the front panel is turned off. To reboot, check to see if the load is within the allowable range before turning the switch on.
5. Overheat protection function: If the temperature inside the chassis is too high, the device will automatically cut off the inverter output. After the temperature returns to the normal value, the inverter resumes operation.


Four considerations
1. Regularly check the work of the entire system:
(1) The battery pack is connected correctly and firmly.
(2) Whether manual operation is performed according to the prescribed procedures.
2. The AC output of this unit is strictly prohibited from being connected to thecity grid in any way, and must be separately wired during use.
3. The virtual connection or damage of the battery pack is one of the main factors causing the machine to malfunction. The virtual connection of the battery will cause the battery voltage to be unstable during the charging process, which will make the system work chaotic, easy to generate undervoltage and overvoltage protection, and easily damage the equipment. Therefore, it is recommended to check the battery voltage and connection conditions regularly every week to remove the rust stains on the positive and negative terminals.
4. In order to ensure safety and normal use, the load function should be gradually increased, and the total power of the equipped electrical appliance must not exceed the rated power of the machine.
5, the battery is strictly prohibited
6.This machine should be placed in a place where indoor personnel are not easy to contact and well ventilated. This machine should not be covered by other items, and there should be no explosive flammable products nearby.


Five use environment
1. It should be used in a dry, clean and ventilated environment.
2. Avoid use in direct sunlight, exposure, rain, moisture, and acid mist.
3. Avoid using it in the environment with dust and dust.
4. The position should be more than 0.5M away from the battery pack.
5. It is strictly forbidden to use in the environment with flammable and explosive gas, beware of flames and sparks.
6. Ambient temperature -20 ° C to 50 ° C.
7. The relative humidity of the air is not more than 85% (25 °C ± 5 °C).