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solar battery bank

A home battery system stores surplus solar energy for later use. The electrical device extends the employment of a PV-system’s generated energy and can give free, property power even once the sun isn’t shining and therefore the modules don’t turn out energy.

Therefore, with a electrical device very little to no electricity is fed into the grid whereas conjointly avoiding having to shop for costly electricity from the grid later. thanks to the magnified self-consumption, the electricity prices decrease considerably.

What is the good thing about a electrical device system?
Photovoltaic systems while not a storage chance turn out electricity to be used in real time. this can be seldom effective, since solar power is especially generated throughout the day, once the facility demand of most households is low. However, electricity demand will increase considerably within the evening. With battery system the surplus solar energy created throughout the day is used once it’s really required. while not having to alter your habits, you:

permanently cut back your electricity bills
personally contribute to a property future
optimize your self-consumption of your PV system’s energy
declare your independence from massive energy suppliers
Lead or lithium-ion batteries – a elementary call
Battery storage systems for residential use are equipped either with lead-acid, lead-gel, or lithium-ion batteries. Lead-acid batteries were used largely within the past, amongst different things, as automotive batteries. Given their substantial benefits, lithium-ion batteries are getting more and more accepted over lead-acid batteries. they need come back to be considered the quality in photovoltaics in recent years. Lifetime: The expected period of time of lithium-ion batteries is around fifteen years, whereas the utmost for lead batteries lies between five and ten years.

Safety: Lead batteries should be housed in a very oxygenated space since they emit gases. this can be not necessary with lithium-ion batteries.

Depth of discharge: Lithium-ion batteries discharge up to 100% of hold on power. Lead-acid batteries, however, will commonly only be discharged up to five hundredth, since deeper discharge reduces their overall lifetime.

System potency: The system efficiency of lithium-ion batteries will exceed ninetieth, wherever solely approx. seventieth is feasible with lead batteries. electrical phenomenon systems with lead batteries so need to be larger, resulting in inessential extra prices.


Our tip: select a electrical phenomenon storage system with on lithium-ion batteries.

Which electrical device is best for you?
After the basic call between lithium-ion and lead batteries has been created, more criteria will assist you decide that storage system to buy:

PV system with storage
Storage capability
The size or capability of the storage system ought to be applicable to satisfy residential consumption demand. in essence, the storage system ought to be massive enough to provide a family with solar energy at some stage in the night. battery capability of four to eight kWh is sometimes spare for a mean four-person home overwhelming around 4,500 kilowatt-hours (kWh) annually. A poorly calculated battery system sometimes ends up in inessential extra prices. If the storage system is simply too tiny, not enough energy is hold on to hide the wants. the acquisition of extra power from the grid becomes necessary. If the storage system is simply too massive on the opposite hand, gratuitous power is for good hold on, reducing the battery’s service life and not saving you any cash.

Depth of discharge (DoD)
Depth of discharge suggests that what % of the hold on energy will really be withdrawn from the device. so as to avoid harm, the bulk of battery systems would like a residual charge. The market norm for depth of discharge lies between five hundredth for lead batteries and up to 100% for lithium-ion batteries like the SOLARWATT MyReserve storage system. per the Bundesverband Solarwirtschaft e. V. (German Federal Association of the star Industry), battery system ought to ne’er be discharged below its mere depth of discharge, as a result of this shortens the lifetime of the battery.
Individual electricity necessities
For the selection of the proper system size, we have a tendency to advocate you establish your household’s electricity demand as accurately as potential. you’ll be able to check up on your annual electricity consumption of the last 5 years, or get AN estimate from an knowledgeable. As households are getting terribly individual in terms of their demands, with e-mobility, heat pumps and different electrical customers, a personal configuration is crucial. standard battery systems will assist you prolong your system’s life by providing you with the chance to increase your capability over the years. The SOLARWATT MyReserve battery could be a nice possibility if the future’s family size is unclear.

Efficiency of the system
Conversion losses occur throughout the storage process; i.e. a part of the energy is regenerate into heat. the whole potency indicates what proportion of the energy hold on within the system will then really be used. Fluctuations between seventy and ninety fifth are the market norm. Our tip: select a storage system with a complete potency of over ninetieth. Please note that battery potency and total efficiency are completely different specifications. Total potency depends not simply on the battery however on the entire storage system, i.e. all the method from your roof to your sockets. thanks to conversion losses, total potency is sometimes under the battery’s own efficiency and isn’t disclosed by most vendors. SOLARWATT MyReserve is connected on the DC-side of the electrical converter. this suggests a primary conversion from DC to AC is omitted, the solar power will flow directly into the battery and solely terribly tiny conversion losses occur. this is barely regenerate once it’s fed into the family network. MyReserve therefore achieves battery potency of ninety nine.2% and a complete potency of ninety three. This wonderful potency is additionally helped by the system elements, that are matched utterly with each other.

The expected period of time of storage systems varies between 5 to fifteen years, reckoning on the model and manufacturer. The period of time of the MyReserve is around fifteen years. SOLARWATT guarantees AN output of a minimum of eightieth of the battery module’s capability for ten years. Our tip: select a star storage system with a 10-year guarantee.

How star batteries work
The purpose of storage systems is clear: they create solar power accessible once you would like it – sometimes within the evening and at nighttime. The principle behind this is: The energy generated in a very electrical phenomenon system is ab initio used for self-consumption. this suggests that active electricity customers like freezers or different family appliances are in real time provided with solar energy. However, once additional energy is out there than required the surplus energy flows into the battery, thereby charging it. Power solely flows into the grid once the battery is full and there’s no demand from the family. If the demand throughout the day is on top of the number of solar energy created the hold on energy is additionally accessible – notwithstanding whether or not the battery is absolutely or solely partially charged. only if the battery is absolutely discharged, can power be drawn from the grid. during this method it’s potential to hide an outsized a part of your energy wants with the facility generated by a electrical phenomenon system.

How am i able to integrate battery into my existing PV system?
Most battery systems accessible on the market can’t be integrated into AN existing PV system while not more ruction. Technical changes, like electrical converter replacement, or extra work are usually necessary. The serious weight and, in some cases, mammoth dimensions of the many battery systems limit wherever they’ll be put in resulting in a good deal of labor. sometimes many installers are unbroken busy for a minimum of sooner or later. The MyReserve, conversely, was designed for an easy Plug&Play; installation. Its lightweight weight and compact dimensions build a one-person assembly potential. The battery system is put in on the DC-side of the electrical converter and stores the electrical energy directly from the PV modules. Conversion to electrical energy solely takes place once power is fed into the house’s mains electricity network. This reduces conversion losses and allows a complete potency of ninety three for the whole system. in addition, the MyReserve is compatible with all common electrical phenomenon inverters and may so be simply retrofitted. Our tip: be the safe aspect and solely have your electrical phenomenon storage system put in by a licensed specialist.

Is a electrical device storage worthy for me?
The investment in a very electrical device storage is often worthy once buying a replacement electrical phenomenon system. It allows you to use an outsized a part of your solar energy yourself, therefore significantly reducing the number of electricity purchased from AN energy provider. Retrofitting a storage system is worth it in a very market wherever the value for electricity is on top of the feed-in revenue – where feeding power into the national grid now not makes economic sense. System operators receiving additional remuneration for self-consumption of solar energy ought to conjointly expand their scheme with a electrical device. Our tip: Please take future developments into consideration once selecting a storage system. If it’s already predictable that legal boundary conditions can modification within the close to future or that your scheme will yield a lower profit for a few different reason, you must arrange ahead and install the battery storage directly.

Costs for a PV storage system – what you must expect
There are varied makers on the storage system market worldwide. The evaluation depends, amongst different things, on the capability of the storage systems and that elements are put in. there’s conjointly huge variation between completely different states in terms of electricity costs and between installers. On account of huge fluctuations in worth, we have a tendency to advise you examine the technical information or characteristics of storage systems and verify what’s most vital to you.

Use your solar energy yourself with battery system
With battery storage system, you’ll be able to use the solar energy from your system once you actually need it and for good lower your electricity bills. subtle technology, a protracted service life, and recently reduced costs build PV storage systems a worthy investment – for each new and existing star systems. We’ll be glad to assist you with any questions on topics mentioned higher than or about our MyReserve storage system.