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solar panels for home use

1.Solar Panel:300W Mono 2pcs
2.Battery:200AH 2pcs
5.DC lamp port:3pcs,with 3pcs 3w12v LED lamp
6.USB port:1pcs,with 1 out of 10 connect cable
7.Product size:680*580*660mm
8.Solar panel size:1950*989*50mm
9.Lighting time:1 lamp 1600hours


Before using the product, please read the operating instructions carefully.

Safety first:

Improper installation and using will be cause dangerous and accidental injury. Please read the instruction manual carefully before use. Pay particular attention to the contents of the warnings and cautions. CAUTION Indicates that certain conditions or practices may pose a hazard to the power box or other facilities; warnings may indicate personal injury that may be caused by certain conditions.

Product Description

Thank you for purchasing this product, this power box for household appliances such as televisions, video recorders, power tools, etc. to provide safe and reliable AC power. With automatic protection, so that the internal converter and the battery under extraordinary load to be effectively protected, convenient and practical.

1, solar panels charging fro sun and provide power for battery.

2, DC 12V input and AC 220V output.

3、Low-voltage protection for battery

4、With overload, under-voltage, over-temperature, over-voltage and short circuit protection, the use of safe and reliable.

5、Conversion efficiency as high as 90% or more, have a higher instant start function.


Security features

1、Over-load protection, automatic power cut off。

2、Built-in fuse, an increase of security systems。

3、Low-voltage alarm, power automatically cut off.

4、Over-voltage protection, power automatically cut off.

5、Over-temperature protection, power automatically cut off。

6、Output short circuit protection.



1、Solar panel output line connected to the positive and negative terminal of the power box in the daytime. Solar panel charging from sun. INPUT indicator lighting means work to charge the battery.

2、To ensure that the battery voltage in the normal working range, not under-voltage use

3、Open the AC switch, output indicator work, with AC output.

4、Turn on the electrical switch, insert the appliance into the socket of the power box, and insert an electrical appliance at a time.

5、The total load power used should not exceed 90% of the power of the inverter..

6、In use process, the battery voltage began to decline, the alarm has beep sound. Then turn off the corresponding electrical appliances to reduce the load power; if the beep sound continue while the LOW-VOLTAGE indicator lighting, please turned off all the load. Charge the battery in time.

7、Once the electrical power exceeds the rated power (or current exceeds the peak power), the converter is turned off and the alarm beeps.

8、Once the safe working temperature is exceeded, the converter will automatically shut down and the converter will sound an alarm.

9、Once the overload, under-voltage, over temperature, the converter will automatically shut down.


WARNING: Risk of electric shock, children away

1、AC output socket same with household electrical appliances, as potentially dangerous, can be fatal.

2、Sockets and internal fans or vents can not be blocked.

3、Do not soak inside the power box, water, etc., or lead to damage to internal control devices.

4、Normal AC wires can not be connected directly to the mains socket anyway。


WARNING: Keep away from heat

After continuous use, the temperature of the converter inside the power box will rise to above 60 degrees, so when using should be away from high temperature place.


Prohibited in the following environments: Annex with flammable, explosive items, gas-powered cabin bottom, propane storage tank accessory, storage of vehicle tires or lead-acid batteries。The battery will be due to hydrogen leakage, once exposed to static sparks, easy to ignite. Use, to ensure that unexpected situations, can get assistance nearby.

Note: The converter consumes more power than the normal operating voltage at start-up. TV, monitors, motors and other electrical appliances at the start of the peak. The peak value of the electrical appliance may exceed the peak current that the converter is subjected to, causing overload protection and the current being switched off. If more than one electrical drive at the same time, may also occur such a situation, so need to insert an electrical one. If you need to use multiple appliances at the same time, first turn off the electrical switch, open the power switch, and then open the electrical switch one by one ,should be the first to open the peak power of the highest electrical appliances.