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solar power kits

1.Solar Panel:120W18V
2.Lead Acid Battery:80AH12V
5.DC lamp port:4pcs,with 4pcs 3w12v LED lamp
6.USB port:1pcs,with 1 out of 10 connect cable
7.Product size:400*187*383mm
8.Solar panel size:1250*666*30mm
9.Lighting time:1 lamp 320hours


This product is developed by our company dedicated to remote areas and cold areas of household type small home system, one of the most basic function is to meet the user electricity, this system includes 4pcs DC12V lighting port, 2pcs 5v USB port used for mobile phone MP3 charging, 2pcs AC 220v interface, provides electricity for small home appliances, and set up a solar charging input port, the system is equipped with the company independent research and development of solar charge controller, capable of battery over-charging and over-discharging protection, fully protection the battery lifespan, the detail of product function diagram as below:

  1. solar charge input: connect solar panel
  2. DC Voltmeter:indicate the battery voltage
  3. AC Voltmeter:indicate the AC voltage
  4. DC switch: open DC battery
  5. AC output port: output AC, can use home appliances
  6. AC output port
  7. AC switch: open AC battery
  8. Charging indicator: when charging, this indicator lights up
  9. DC and USB output indicator:when open DC switch, this indicator lights up
  10. Low battery indicator: when low battery, this indicator lights up
  11. AC output indicator: when the inverter works normally,this indicator lights up
  12. USB output port: connect USB cable connector
  13. DC output port:connect DC lamps
  14. Solar panel: charge battery
  15. DC lamp
  16. USB cable connector:charging mobile phone


Matters needing attention:

1.The system does not have the function of sealing and waterproof, so do not place or use in the environment of severely wet, rainy open-air,otherwise to cause the damage of the system.

2.Do not use appliances or AC equipments whose power are lager than the power of the system, otherwise cause the AC line fault.

  1. The system is designed for the basic household electricity, DC port recommends usingsmall power 12V LED lights, when drivinghigh-power DC electric appliances, please cautiously use .
  2. when the system is charged normally, please close all the switches. When used, please open the corresponding switch.
  3. charge time: 9-10 hours (under sufficient light)