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solar power kits

1.Solar Panel:10W18V
2.Lead Acid Battery:7AH12V
3.DC lamp port:3pcs,with 3pcs 3w12v LED lamp
4.USB port:1pcs,with 1 out of 10 connect cable
5.Product size:200*160*163mm
6.Solar panel size:343*203*17mm
7.lighting hours:1 lamp 28-29hours


Solar PV system adopts sunlight as resource, it transforms solar power into electricity for DC type electric
appliances, or store the electricity into battery for lighting or charging for digital products such as mobile and
Mp3 whenever needed.
Products features:
●Portable:as long as there is sunshine, users can use it whenever and wherever possible.
●Environment friendly: adopts boundless and endless sunlight as resource.
●Energy-saving: use LED lamp as light source, which saves 80%-90% electricity compared with common
incandescent lamp.
●Plentiful functions: carry with USB adopts, can charging for digital products such as mobile phone and

Method of using:
●Charging: make the solar panel face the sunlight, then put the solar panel’s plug into PV input
connector,(The AIO solar system do not need to have this procedure) the charging indicator light will be on
at the same time.
●Output: Power switch hit the start button, DC and USB port have output port, at the same time, the power
indicator light is lit. Close button means that output power shut down.
Requirement on working condition:
●No dust, keep dry with air flow. ● Working temperature:-10℃-50℃
●It is NOT suggested that put the whole system under sunlight for a long time.
●Humidity: 0-90%, not liquid water.
●In the case system is not required to work longer than one month, battery charge-discharge each month is
●Keep the solar panel clean, which makes the charging fully.
Guarantee time: In the normal using condition of our products, the guarantee period is 1 year.